I would like to make a complaint

There are two options for a bicycle #

Your bike has been delivered and you have noticed a problem? Then please write to us using the contact form. A colleague will then contact you immediately to find a solution as quickly as possible.

1. Is it possible to have the bike repaired at a local dealer? #

As a rule, this is possible. Please write to us via the contact form beforehand. We only need a few details from you and possibly a few photos so that we can get a first impression of the damage. As soon as you have sent us the claim form, we will contact you immediately and find a quick solution. 2.

2. We take the bike back #

If it is not possible to solve the problem via a local specialist dealer, we will bring the bike or e-bike back to us and have our specialist staff fix the problem.

Was the wrong item delivered? #

If we have accidentally supplied you with the wrong item or the wrong quantity, we are very sorry. Please write to us via the contact form and we will get back to you immediately and find a solution.

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